We have had so many changes within our family over the past year, and a single blog post is completely unable to encapsulate ALL of them.

After Dan was notified at the end of October 2015 that not only would his job be changing, but his pay would be cut significantly, we began the long road of ramped up job searching, prayer, seeking counsel/wisdom from others, and dealing with the anxiety that comes from an already taunt budget being stretched further.

We had been desiring to add to our family for about 9 months and on December 24, Christmas Eve 2015 we found out that we would be adding a new little person to our family of 3. We were ecstatic! Telling my immediate family on Christmas Day was a fabulous gift, and after praying and hoping, we saw a huge YES, to our prayer for a child.

In the spring we found out that our specific prayer for a daughter had been answered with YES! Our joy can’t really be expressed with words. This pregnancy I had been sick for the first trimester, and to hear that it was a girl, was just so exciting and confirming.

In July we made the final decision to move our family from northern Indiana to central Indiana. This move involved some significant pieces to the puzzle. Dan didn’t have a job lined up, but opportunity after opportunity continued to fall through up north without much materializing that would support our family.

Dan had continued working at his job from November 2015 – mid July 2016 (8 months) before making the final choice to leave. It was a painful, and difficult decision having invested time and energy and heart into his work with clients with disabilities.

So, at 33 weeks pregnant, we packed up almost our entire house (leaving only specific furniture behind to stage our home) and moved in with my family (where we are continuing to live now). We prayed and wrestled our way through finding new primary care providers – and OB for me, and Family Doctor and Allergist for Nathan – and God provided the exact doctors we needed.

85% of our belongings are currently in storage in a nice pole barn.

We put our house on the market (yes, that little cape cod on the lake we bought in March of 2015), and are currently still waiting for it to sell. God provided a fantastic realtor.

Dan got a second shift job at a mental hospital as a technician. He works to help keep people who are struggling with addiction recovery and suicidal/self-harm tendencies safe. He also works for my uncle’s window cleaning company part time.

At 39 weeks 2 days, I went into labor with our daughter. We were scheduled for an elective induction for that day, but I went into labor the night before. Adria Elizabeth was born on August 26 at 9:50am. Her birth story is too long to go into here, but the same morning I was in labor with Adria, a tornado siren went off and we had to be moved to a different location in the hospital (insert irony here about the storms of life!).

So, we are currently living with family, and are so thankful for their support and love as we have transitioned into a new set of circumstances and surroundings. Our little man seems to be adjusting and our little lady seems to be thriving in her first two weeks of life.

We are sojourners, waiting to see what the next step will be, waiting to see how God moves and shapes us in the process. I want to sojourn gracefully, even when life is chaotic, messy, and downright exhausting. We have seen His hand of provision, His hands and feet caring for us & reaching out to us through His people. We are loved. We are still called His own. Remembering that is the hard part.



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