Letter to my husband,

I know you’re tired. You work so hard for our family. This whole two jobs thing has filled your sleeping hours with serving those with disabilities on top of serving your family. In this way, and in many others you have loved me. 

Loved us.

You have given up a lot of your personal time to help us make ends meet. You’ve been supportive of my desire to be at home with our son. It has cost you. You don’t begrudge the life you are living. 

I know that this may not be how our life together always goes. But, our life here has meaning and purpose. You are a champion of this living in the present. Your little birdy wife runs ahead and I try to figure out all the ways our life will be better in the future. 

But here. HERE. This is where love lays down its wants, plans, and sleep to move toward the ones loved. 

You get up early with the baby when he demands his “GULK!!!!” before the sun has peaked it’s head out of darkness. You snuggle me close and let me put my cold feet on you every night. I can always count on a back scratchy before I close my eyes at night and a good morning kiss to wake me to say goodbye. 

Yesterday I saw an older couple walking slowly through the Aldi parking lot. He had his cane and she her kerchief and purse, and the slow steps echoed love between entwined fingers and many years. 

I have much to learn from you, many paths to tread that you’ve already mastered. I doubt I’ll ever have your level of patience when I’m tired in the evening. But when I sit and remember you loving your son in the quiet moments before he shuts his sleepy eyes, I think that this here…

…is worth more than all the money in the world.


Your Wife


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