what every mama wants to hear

One: You are the right parent for your child.

Two: you’re worth isn’t determined by how much laundry you have done, how many woogies are at the bottom of your sink or on your floor, or how long ago you cleaned the bathtub.

Three: Your mothering story is more than how many ounces your child gained or how many tablespoon your child ate for breakfast. This is a soul being formed, and whether your child lives to the age of 5 or dies in a nursing home in their nineties, your planting of grace, mercy, love and truth will echo in their soul past their death. Because, here, now, you are echoing the song that the Lord Jesus sings over them, and has been singing since their life began.

Four: The Good News runs deeper in the heart than the bad news of our unredeemed mess. See, here the Gospel rings out true, in the cry in the night from a teething baby, or the tantrums of a toddler. It it is easy to identify failure. It is more noble to acknowledge the sin and point to the Savior. A mother must have her oxygen mask of hope on in order to give it to her children when the and the day and the world go wrong.


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