when you take heart

“Take heart”

These words I heard yesterday as I walked up steps, and away from embrace. He said them as I went to do the good thing that I had in front of me. The good things were waiting. Was my heart there to take hold of them? After seven months of grace in this relationship, I’m still blown away by blessing.

Yesterday I got some surety that an opportunity that might have been opening, is not opening any further. I’m not holding my breath. No, I’m breathing in and out, full of hope but also assured that this summer will be ok.

Alright. yes. good.

There is good work everywhere.

Today, I have leisure time. Time to simplify. Time to wash laundry by plopping that cute little container with soap suds packaged in, and wait for the fresh smell that I’m blessed with when the items emerge from the dryer.

Today, I’m taking all the papers off of, and out of my desk. I’m simplifying. I’m throwing away the things I don’t need, and won’t need. My nature is to hang on to it all, but I really need to be able to find the important things, and hold those things well. I can’t do this if stuff is everywhere. I love the cleansing feeling of knowing where things are, clothes nicely folded, closet holding only what I need (the thought of moving in three weeks to home is rather  a good motivator toward simplification!).

The need is to simplify, to take heart that which matters as I sift through the mess of fears that want to tangle their roots deep down in my heart. I love the time I have on this friday s to do this: to humble self in prayer as I work, to remember that He loves us and has a plan.

As the chapel speaker said this week, “we all live with the fog.” It’s true. We do. I do. What can I do to encourage this one that I love to do what is in front of him? What is in front of me? This next piece of sidewalk today that offers the opportunity to be a blessing is filled with joyful expectancy. Where will His grace show up next?

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