thoughts from a restless bird

When it comes down to it

I love this time.

We take walks in the evening, and

sit on concrete steps.

I like sitting and listening.

Love hearing your thoughts,

as we ride in the car, and watch the road stretch out in front.

I pray this:

That our love, His love in us will be unified, and that we will,

in this time of decision-making, waiting

and uncertainty..

have our hope fixed permanent.

When life seems completely adventuresome, (even though I’d like a different adventure)

I remember that I’m not the one writing the script,

that despite what my proud heart thinks,

I don’t know best.

Only the Holy One identifies Holy.


And to let Him work seems vunerable, painful.

Am I willing to step aside, take the lower, [less known] place?

Am I willing to wash feet?

Play “the background” for the rest of my life?

I want joy in going lower.

And in this Kingdom, His Kingdom up is down, and low is high,

and the heart cries in prayer for “help!?”

When my flesh rises high against the holy He works in me by Holy Spirit.

How do I honor? How do I build up?

I want to.

And maybe building up is not striving for comfort or convenience, or helping to get comfortable

in a place that really isn’t our home.

But rather, ready and willing to go, do…more importantly…BE

who He has made me to be as His child

in an uncertain place.

And maybe that place is here,

where life is not always going to be comfortable.

But this I know, if I can remind you that there is home

and help you feel at “home” because He is in me, and He is home

then I am happy,

glad glad glad

to be here,




hoping in Him

with you.

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  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad Dan makes you so happy. God has blessed you with a wonderful man, and him with a wonderful girl. I hope you guys will stay together. You really seem perfect for each other. 🙂

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