waking early

I’m not a “morning person”

I can sleep for 12 hours or more and love it.

But I’ve been thinking of lent, and thinking that I want to observe it this time.

I think this as I wash dishes in our apartment sink, and feel the satisfaction of cleanliness.

…Satisfied that He makes me clean.

I’ve though through what I want to do, and I’ve come to this decision:

I’m waking early.

I’ll wake at 7:00am each day, and spend time in prayer and reading scripture. 

I’ll be a struggle for me to give up sleep.

Yet, just as the disciples struggled in the garden That Night, I’ll be struggling to focus.


on Him.

I’ll be catching the light in the morning as the sun comes up earlier, and as Easter nears on April 8, I’ll find that resurrection morning sweet.

Sure, it will be nice to be up to get things done. But, that isn’t the primary motivation.

The motivation lies in spending time with Him.

I’d spend it with others more easily.

Where is my love?

Let it be founded in the face that I can do this out of joy, not out of duty or law,

but GRACE, and peace, and having already

been accepted,

knowing that He sees and is pleased with me.

I’ll blog of what I see these next weeks

weeks that span over weekends and over Spring break (over states).

I want to have open hands (reminded yet again by the chapel speaker today!)

and open eyes to see what He does as we get closer to the end of this chapter called college life,

and nearer to that whole new set of beginnings.

Lent 2012: A time of waiting on the Lord

Journey with me?

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