Adventure Day 10: He Reigns!


Today I got up early (probably the earliest I’ve been up all Christmas Break)

because today is Christmas. (so thankful.)

Today I sat, grateful for GPS, sweatshirts, jewelry and so many gifts showered down in a family room with my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister. (so thankful.)

We went to church, and I was reminded of how much my church family has cared for my family, as they came up to my mom to see how she was and to give hugs, and I heard, “we are praying for you.” (so thankful.)

And I ate crab cakes, and meatballs, and shrimp (the kind without eyes or legs still attached). (so thankful)

Today I was inspired to drive to Walmart (which was closed) and get some felt (which I didn’t get), but had some good time in the car by myself just driving. (so thankful).

Today I started making a skirt that I am very excited about. White ruffled hem, and re-purposing old curtains found at a garage style that I made into a petticoat for civil war reenacting, and then took apart and used to make a skirt that has a feminine-vintage-flare. I can’t wait to wear it as the fresh, warm breezes blow through to WL this last spring on campus. I’m already packing-it-in-my-brain for the awesom-est spring break trip ever (coast to coast -NY to LA). I was in the zone and got a LOT done on it. It was good to get into that creative groove again (so thankful).


Maybe one of my favorite memories of today was getting a call from the wonderful Dear in New York City who called me from a park near the water. And maybe hearing the joy in his voice made the afternoon all that more sweet. Getting to hear his family members say my name and say “Merry Christmas!”…makes me smile. I hope I get to visit that place and those people soon. (So thankful)

And my heart swells with thankfulness that God has been so gracious to me through the people who populate the scene I’m living in…and how their grace, their kindness leads tome to love Him more.  (so thankful).

He gives me what I need when I need it, and I can say,

“All this and Jesus too?!”


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