Adventure Day 6: content

photo taken of a violin I played in highschool sr. year.

Shopped with my sister today at the Mall and joined the crowds gaping at shiny things, soft things….

my sister’s words: “Crowds energize me. It’s the adrenaline rush of being in everyone’s way.”

And there you have it…why I’m NOT energized by crowds. However, hanging with this girl is lots of fun, and I’m glad we did it.

I picked up my newly-restrung violin from the shop, and after a few other things here at home, I retreated to my room to see if my fingers could stumble over one another long enough to coax a hymn melody or a Christmas Carol out. I started working through the Suzuki book I have, and though the pitch was bad (third fingering A string and I have problems), I got my arm workout in. Ashokan Farewell, and some hymns also squeaked out. I’m planning to bring it back to school with me and practice.

Tired, but contented.

some random thoughts:

1) I’m glad that God asks us to be faithful here, as my brain gets overwhelmed sometimes (most of the time) when I jump around in time-lapse.

2) I’m glad I’m one of those people who can’t sit still, and must create things. I want to live an active life (not a hurried, busy one) but one that doesn’t sit and veg. I really can’t do that for long. Dan calls it me being “restless” 🙂 I always am entertaining myself, making something, thinking deep thoughts, or pondering things.

(getting to Skype with Dan tomorrow is an added plus 🙂

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