on the solid rock.

I’ve been finding that my soul longs for solid spaces to rest. My heart is easily able to turn to idols to satisfy this, but today I got a great taste of a “living metaphor.”

Today we went hiking. I’ve been looking forward to this for over a week, and since we are all fit as a fiddle now, we were able to depart this morning at 9:30am for a hike up “the Wicklow Way.” The Wicklow Way is a trail that leads up into the mountains surrounding Dublin. Parts of the trail were a steep incline, but other sections were a gradual assent up the slopes. Dan had run up this way last week sometime, and had told us about it. We followed the path that he had taken, and then cut off in a different direction to head to “Fairy Castle” that was on a ridge pretty high up. We ended up walking a little over 9 miles today.

The area was lush and green. There was a great path of sturdy, big, gray rocks that we could walk on top of. They served as steps as we climbed higher and crossed little gullies where water washes through. We saw a few sheep, but most of all, I saw a lot of wonderful rolling hills.

I think the classification of “mountains” is a bit generous, but for Dublin, this term fits. We climbed higher and I loved turning around every now and then to turn my eyes to the city that was getting smaller and smaller below us. We climbed up to the Fairy Castle (which turned out to be a large pile of rocks), and stopped to eat our tuna sandwiches and “digestives” (candy bar). We pulled out our Bibles and read Acts and Psalms.

And as the wind whipped around me as I sat on the huge pile of rocks, I realized again how thankful I am that I have God as a solid rock. As we hiked up the hill, there were times where my ankles wobbled, and once I fell. But it was the sturdy rocks that were the most beautiful.

As I stood at the top of that ridge, the sky stooping towards the earth, and the hills rising up to meet the clouds, I was so thankful for a God who creates all of this beauty, and takes care of it. Even if humans never reach this place, or appreciate it every moment, God still allows it to be to glorify Him, and that is enough.

it is enough.

The same should be true about my life. It should be enough that I am created by God and stand before Him to glorify Him alone.

These pictures were taken by Dan. Janna is on the left, Kate is on the right. We are the two tiny figures on the rocks.The city of Dublin and the coast from the Fairy CastleThe city of Dublin and the coast from the Fairy Castle