Pictures from the first week

Here are some shots of our time here so far.

at the airport with my parents before leaving Tuesday morning
Costa Cafe' -one of our first coffee experiences. We found this place on our own on day 3
Costa Cafe' -gotta love the scones and the coffee. The irish are also BIG tea drinkers...something I LOVE!
I *think* this was Janna's drink....of course I've gotta capture an artsy shot!
Some shots of Downtown Dublin
more buildings
This is at the top of Grafton Street. This is right across from St. Stephen's Green, and in front of the mall/shopping center that is around there. There are street performers regularly there...this is Dan enjoying the performance.
more Georgian architecture (see Dad!)
The Liffy River! This separates North Dublin from South Dublin. There are "stereotypes" about northern Dublin from were we live in the south.
Janna at St. Stephen's Green. I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is a refuge away from the hustle and crazy crowds 🙂
our home for the next weeks. It is a double, our's is on the right.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri Mithoefer says:

    LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! I’ve always loved your “artsy” shots! …and we’re not standing in 4H line anymore!! You knew what you were doing 🙂

  2. Carina B. says:

    Katelyn, it’s so great to get to see these pics of what you guys have been up to! This place is beautiful! 🙂 Praying that the Holy Spirit continues to guide all three of you and remind you of truth. Love you!

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