30 Days of Prayer | Day 29

Day 29: Pray for the salvation of the men in the book club.

One of the people we will be working with this summer has a book club within the community. They read books and then they discuss them. Pray that these conversations would go deep and would engage spiritual things, and spiritual views. Pray that these men would start asking questions, and want true hope.

Tomorrow we get on planes and head to Dublin. My flight leaves around 11:30am to go to Newark NJ. I’ll meet up with Dan around 2:20 when his flight gets in, and then we wait until 7:10 when our flight to Dublin departs. I am keeping tabs on the flights to make sure they are still on-schedule due to the volcanic eruption that occurred, and whose smoke may inhibit our flights.

Today has been pretty laid back and low-key. I got to go work out with my mom. I biked over 6 miles! I also go to talk with Kate, my roommate from this past year. I love her, and always appreciate just talking about life and what God is doing. I’m so thankful for her!

I’ll also get to talk to my friend Nicki later who lives in California. I didn’t think I was They have led our team through this process of application, acceptance, finances, and planning. But above and beyond all of these things, are the ways that they have supported us as individuals. Whether it be talking about our dreams for the future and ministry, giving wise advice about unknowns, or praying right there on the spot, I can’t get over how much we have been blessed by them. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

I hope to post with the last day of prayer before leaving tomorrow morning.

Also, check out the link below. This is an article written about us for GBIM’s site.


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