30 Days of Prayer | Day 22

Day 22: Pray that we would be self-controlled and alert so that we can pray.

With the school semester over, I was making a list last night of how God has provided during my time at Grace so far. This is not a complete list, but it encouraged me so much to see the active hand of God. Here are a few items. I think it is an important to place a marker where we saw God provide. Instead of placing a physical marker like God told the Israelites to do in the Old Testament, a main purpose of this blog is to provide an area for praising God and proclaiming His faithfulness.

1) God provided a trip for me to take to Germany after not getting to travel to England the year before with Grace. It was this trip (as well as being more open to what God might want to do in my life) that opened my eyes to ways He had led me, and desires He had placed in my heart regarding life overseas, and Europe in general.

2) God providentially has me attending a school that has a missions organization right next door…literally a short walk from the art department.  I’ve been able to volunteer at that organization this past year, and I’ll be interning there in the fall in the communications department. I didn’t even consider the organization when I first got to Grace. God knew about this year while I was preparing to enter college. so cool!

3) God brought a wonderful lady to Grace College as the Chair of the Art Department after a year without one. She has been such a blessing. Prof. Reiff has been a listening ear and encouraging advisor when I was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do after college. She has done more than just help me figure out my schedule. Prof. Reiff has encouraged us to follow the path God has for us.

4) Art Discussion Group! God is so faithful in providing friends and comrades for the path that He wants us to walk. after contacting one of the people we will be working with this summer, his encouragement was to create a community of artists who would discuss how art fits into missions. After lots of prayer, and with the full support of the art department,we had a few meetings.  Dan has done a great job leading the group and I have had a lot of fun helping. Our purpose is to see how a Christian engages the art world after college, as well as, how to engage the church as artists.

5) My mentor, B.B. She has been such an influence in my life this year. She is headed back overseas come July after being the missionary in res. at Grace. God knew, and planned her visit to the states long before I even started considering missions as a possibility. She has had an impact on so many lives, and has really encouraged us to live and fight in this spiritual battle we face everyday.

6) God provided room to get the luggage home for Janna and me. I had been wondering and praying about how I was going to get the 100lbs of luggage to the top of my small SUV. God provided the grandpa of one of my fellow RA’s to be there when I got back with bungee cords from Wal-Mart. I got home safe, even though it rained HARD for long stints during the drive, and my car had been having problems.

7) God provided money for Lindsay to reschedule her flight with EF so that she could get back to the states after she travels to Italy. It was less than she thought it was going to be, and she was able to get on the group flight to and from Italy. (that flight had been booked full months ago!).

8) God gave me a CO-RA who had been to Northern Ireland in Highschool with a team. I was able to talk out all my thoughts, feelings, and desires with her, and she was able to give me clarity. I’m so thankful for getting to work with her over the past school year. She and I are very different personality wise, but learning to work together has been such a blessing!

9) Dan and I ended up being able to get on the same flight even though our tickets were purchased 2 weeks apart. The seat he got was the last on the flight, and the cost hadn’t gone up very much over that period of time. I had prayed that it would stay open. It was a simple thing, but God provided!

10) God has provided just the right amount of time to re-charge and rest at home.

We have 8 days until departure. This time needs to be filled with rest, but also self-control. Just because it is easy in these new environments does not mean we can slip into old patterns of thought and behavior. Just as God has been doing all of these things, we need to be alert to following the Holy Spirit, and watching what He does next in our daily lives.

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